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Everyone should have their own website 

James Kalmakoff is a retired academic with more than 30 years of experience in designing and building websites and formerly Associate Dean of Websites and Communications, University of Otago.

Sarah Kalmakoff has postgraduate qualifications in psychology and counselling. She has a wealth of experience in the provision of counselling, coaching, mentoring and supervisory services.

Self-publishing is a journey filled with plenty of twists, turns, and roadblocks.

.But don’t worry, we can do the heavy lifting for you. Also if you are no longer that angry young man with that first novel to write, age can be your great ally. Think of all that deep wisdom, imaginary and life experience you can draw on for your next story or poem.

Although the book, The Inside Story is about the life and times at a particular department at a specific university, it is indicative of the cultural and systemic changes that have taken place at universities around the world. Those market-driven ideologies have led to a top-down management structure resulting in the centralisation and commercialisation of the university ethos.

During my life there has been the dilemma that although I was ‘good’ at science, I never consider myself a scientist — I was a poet at heart. Yet if I started publishing poems, I would have been excommunicated from Science as no longer being able to see the world objectively (not to be trusted) and the poets of the day would have shunned me because I was tainted by Science.

A collection of videos that have been posted on YouTube and Vimeo with follow-up links to other publicly available videos. These include travel to Iran, Hong Kong, Purakanui, family events, lectures and workshops,

This blog was started as in 1997 and was my first foray into social media. It covered topics of the day that were of interest to me. They could be classified into the following broad categories of: CONSCIOUSNESS, EVOLUTION, GLOBALISATION, GENE EDITING, FORCE OF INTELLIGENCE, GENETICS and VIROLOGY

The Inside Story book launched on March 7th, 2020